In the last two years OligoCo has developed proprietary technologies for making long synthetic oligonucleotides--up to 150-mers, even 200-mers--with independently verified average error rates of 1 in 1500 bases. We did this development work inside Blue Heron Biotechnology, where for ten years our oligo methods fed the assembly of tens of millions of bases of synthetic DNA. When Blue Heron sold its gene synthesis assets in August 2010, the oligo technology became the core of the new company now called OligoCo.

Our oligos:

Lengths: Up to 200 mers

Coupling efficiency: 99.5%+ 

Errors: 0.5-0.7errors/kilobase (all lengths)

Scale: 8-12 nmole 

Proprietary solid-support

OligoCo no longer provides a third-party gene synthesis service. But we do expect to sell high-quality long oligos to groups working in synthetic biology, sequencing, diagnostics, biofuels and agribusiness, to name a few. Not every oligo application has the same needs as gene synthesis. But OligoCo’s low error-rate synthetic oligos are now available to these and other markets at competitive prices. 

Our web site is under construction. But to learn more about our technical methods, click on the Technology link in the coming weeks. We know that prospective customers want products that solve their problems, not long technical descriptions. But we want you to know about the robust technology behind your order, and that the data support our confidence in product quality.

If you want to learn more about us or request sample orders, email OligoCo by clicking on this link.

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